“Since 1979 we are living lime and colors …” we might say so of what so far has been our work entirely carried out in the restoration of the building stock.

In almost 40 years, we have had many chances to select the best procedures and the right materials, needed to solve every

degradation phenomenon on the supporting structures, the walls, the plaster, finishes, decorations, etc ..

In the decorative sphere Decor yes Service deals with conservative recovery of dated artefacts, often of historical interest; restoration of frescoes; wood restoration; decorations; interior restorative interventions masonry and plaster in damp

Other activities include the rehabilitation, thanks to preventive action to reduce condensation in the domestic and industrial premises; sanitizing, cleaning and rehabilitation of contaminated areas or structures to mold, smog, guano, or soiling of vandalism.

Decor Service
Decor Service
Decor Service

DECOR SERVICE: When talent is combined with reliability

Lime, gypsum, cement, marble, clay, wood, metal … a blended elements that surround us for centuries following us all over the world. Today we can not do more for less. You might as well know as much as possible trying to live with it with that harmony, balance that allow the continuation of the comfort and beauty of participating to enliven everyday life inside and outside the home. Our cities are full of buildings with special architectural interest, not to mention those of historical attention that makes Italy the country that retains more than 80% of the historical monumental architectural heritage of the whole world! This is a job that takes constantly keep shining in time, what has been built to travel through time, bringing with it the history, art, traditions and culture … ..and if you please. contemporary building realize interventions of raising the fire resistance of structures, solutions for thermal insulation of buildings, continuous paving in resin and dry construction systems for interior (drywall).